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In addition, in 2014, Bitcoin helped sponsor rookie NASCAR driver Alex Bowman through a company called BK Racing. BK Racing explained that the aim was to "introduce technological innovation to NASCAR". However, in 2018, the BK Racing team and all of its operations were liquidated.

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Internet giant Yahoo's latest move: Yahoo Finance's Yahoo Finance is targeting ISO APPS, opening up the trading capabilities of the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin BTC, Ethereum ETH, Litecoin LTC and Dog Coin Dogecoin.

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China and Pakistan are unique round-the-clock strategic partners. No matter how the international and regional situation changes, China-Pakistan friendship has always been unbreakable and rock-solid, and China-Pakistan cooperation has always maintained vigorous vitality and continuous expansion and deepening. China has always placed Pakistan in the priority direction of China's diplomacy, will continue to firmly support Pakistan on issues concerning Pakistan's core interests and major concerns, and is ready to work with Pakistan to strengthen strategic cooperation and pragmatic cooperation to build a closer China-Pakistan destiny community in the new era.