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The downward trend continued until the token reached US$0.00241. For the rest of the day, the dog coin began to pick up again, successfully growing 4.59% to $0.00252. DogE closed at $0.00241 in the last hour of the day. DOGE down 3.89% in 24 hours

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Vitalik: That chart is very misleading. 300 GB is the size of an archive-wide node that stores historical data that contains all current and past states. The state itself is only about 1-2 GB, and the historical data is about 10 GB. The trimmed node still stores all the states and history, and it can call up any historical state if you really need it, but this node is only about 20 GB. This number could have been smaller if only the current state had been required.

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Dogecoin was born after an Australian brand and marketing expert, a programmer from Portland, Oregon, who had previously been known for his life, managed to combine two of this year's hottest products, Bitcoin and Doge, which for Americans are similar to Tuhao's popularity in China. And people are really using it.