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Download blockchain: The first time a Bitcoin full node joins a network run, download and verify the entire blockchain . "Header first", an initial blockchain download method, where new nodes download all block headers from neighboring nodes and then download blocks of different intervals simultaneously from multiple neighbor nodes in parallel greatly increasing the download speed of the entire blockchain.

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Dogecoin trend analysis In the past year, the popularity of Dogecoin has been very stable. As you can see in the figure below, the currency even gained a surge in popularity for the search term "dogecoin". In September 2018, Google users were very interested in Dogecoin. There were some less obvious peaks in July and December. At the beginning of 2019, the popularity was about the same as in the same period in 2018

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Next up is the most exciting moment of the conference, ZG.COM CEO Zhao Changyu, ZG.COM VP Li Wenhao, ZG. COM South China Center CEO Ye Xiaoli, ZG. COM South China Center COO Liu Min, ZG. EASON, Commercial Director of COM South China Center, Zhang Jun, Founder of Encryption Capital, and Zhu Jianwei of Encrypted Capital participated in the ribbon-cutting ceremony, and ZG.COM Club was officially inaugurated.