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In October last year, TME Tencent Music Group launched its songwriting program, "By Your Music List", which aims to build a music chart that reflects the popularity of the latest songs in the Chinese-language music scene. Its list data from QQ music, cool dog music, cool music three platform users. In addition to source playback, song collection, caching, sharing, MV playback, digital album sales and other data are also counted.

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According to the official website of the project, music copyright owners can obtain copyright proceeds in advance by issuing music shares, which is equivalent to the future proceeds of "pre-sale" songs and cashed out in advance. Music copyrights are similar to company stocks and are bought and sold on the open market. The exchange, which actes as an intermediary, charges a "listing fee" - a 5 per cent listing fee for each music stock issued, according to the official website. Mass users are charged a 0.5% handling fee for each transaction, while withdrawals are charged at different rates depending on the bank.