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With the Fnality platform, it's possible to operate around the clock, 7x24 hours a day, connecting markets, making collateral more useful and eliminating credit risk. Imagine that you are the same European bank with a USC Euro in-day balance. Later in the day, you want to settle the transaction in US dollars. You can now exchange your USC Euros for USC dollars as collateral and settle on the USC platform;

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Members of the Dogecoin community generously donated a Doge-themed NASCAR car and sent a real Dogecoin to the moon. The community has also donated Dogecoin to charity, sponsoring wells dug in Kenya to provide clean drinking water. These types of behavior make the Dogecoin community part of it, which in turn leads to Doge's unlikely position in the top cryptocurrencies.

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Dogecoin has been spreading in Tiktok in the past 24 hours. TikTokers cites the s Dogecoin Challenge Sweep app. The reason for this promotion is still unknown. However, several TikTok users can be seen sharing the video urging followers to invest in it for $25. Since last week's challenge, the dog currency has risen 17 per cent. So far, the Dogecoin hashtag has been viewed more than 2.7 million times and continues to grow.

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In 2013, the expression went viral on Reddit. At the end of the same year, Australian marketer Jackson Palmer launched "Dogecoin" based on the Bitcoin code, with Doge's head as a symbol and the tone of online pop culture.

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In response to 51 per cent of attack concerns, Dogecoin merged its mining with Litecoin in 2014 to enable both assets to be mined at the same time. Notably, the joint mining of Litecoin and Dogecoin affected Lee's new pool donation concept.