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Mars Finance (WeChat: hxcj24h) monitors 88 of the top 100 digital currencies by market capitalisation, mainly in the 5% range. The broader market rose an average of 4.50 per cent. Dogecoin led the day with a 51.36 per cent gain, led by Dogecoin with a 19.38 per cent gain, RedCoin with a 33.31 per cent gain and RChain with a 10.21 per cent fall.

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In a word: Dogecoin is a cryptocurrencies dedicated to the true practical value of money in English: Dogecoin English abbreviation: DOGEChinese Name: Dog Coin Project Introduction: Dogecoin has faster block spacing and very low rates, making Do.

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During the event, users who buy and hold SOLO and hold positions of not less than 400 SOLO and rank in the top 100 will receive SOLO rewards. CoinTiger will take a snapshot of the user's SOLO assets on April 15, 2020 at 16:00 and award the reward according to the SOLO net buy (buy-sell-pick currency, not including coin charge) at the user snapshot point in time, as follows.

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CoinGecko supports more than 100 cryptocurrencies, including popular bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, and more. Many other small coins are listed, including Neo, EOS, Cardano, Verge, DogeCoin, IOTA, Qtum, Dash, ZCash.