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Fire Coin has announced that it will list three trading pairs for Dogecoin: DOGE/BTC, DOGE/ETH, and DOGE/USDT. Perhaps many people didn't think that the cryptocurrencies that had seen the biggest price increases during April Fool's Day were dog coins, the cryptocurrencies created by Jackson Palmer in 2014.

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Previously supported Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, EOS, NEO, Cardano, ONT, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Dash and Dogecoin, as well as all tokens based on leading smart contract blockchain, including ERC-20, NEO NEP-5, and EOS tokens. Infunito Pay.

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Previously, the development of Bitcoin mining machines has gone through the process from CPU to GPU, to FPGA, and finally to dedicated mining machines. In 2009, when Bitcoin was first born, it was able to mine with a regular desktop CPU, and it was later discovered that mining with GPU could increase speeds dozens of times.