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weiss dogecoin rating, Ethereum Assumes a Leadership Role

But the Weiss rating event earlier this year left the NEO with a nose dust: on February 28th Weiss Ratings, an independent US rating agency, listed the NEO as the world's only Class A currency, while ETH's rating was B-plus and BTC's rating was a plus.

weiss dogecoin rating, Weiss Crypto Ratings founder believes blockchain networks will replace legacy systems

However, Weiss's introduction to the blockchain asset rating model is vague, and the scoring criteria and details are not public. In January 2018, Weiss Ratings, the first agency to rate digital currencies, published a rating with no A-rated items, grapefruit and Ether rated B, while BTC was rated only C-plus (Weiss rating: A-excellent; B-good; C-fair; D-weak; E-very weak). Many people were puzzled and puzzled by this, and Weiss never gave a positive answer.

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