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The cryptocurrencies exchange ChangeNOW announced its integration with LocalCryptos, an unmanaged P2P crypto market. From now on, LocalCryptos users can exchange cryptocurrencies in their built-in unmanaged crypto wallets. It is reported that LocalCryptos has a built-in unmanaged web wallet that supports a variety of cryptocurrencies. Beincrypto.

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Bulletproof agreement transaction file size will be reduced to 2.5kB, reducing transaction file volume by nearly 80% (transaction fees are also reduced by 80%)

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But from today's standpoint, most (and all) of the senior engineers I know have to do a lot of helping others in addition to their programming. The challenge for me and my colleagues today is not "What?" I need to talk to someone? Incredible. "Or, "Wait a minute, how can I find a balance between all my leadership and my own programming work?" How much time do I need to spend on my work? "