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The fund was co-sponsored by Ticker Capital, a joint blockchain fund of coinTiger Coin Tiger Exchange, to increase its holdings in high-quality blockchain projects on coinTiger exchanges. The increase fund was raised by Ticker Capital in June 2019, with co-parent funds FOFbit and Zhongrun Ventures as private LP with a capital of $15 million (approximately RMB100 million) for a two-year closure period.

will dogecoin go to $1, Dogecoin WILL go to $1, this is why

That's it. The key part of making the mechanism (presumably) work is the concept of market linkage: because everyone knows that a stable currency should be worth $1, if a stable coin is worth less than $1, then everyone realizes that it will eventually go back to $1, and then people will buy it, so it will actually go back to $1, which is a self-fulfilling prophecy.