DogeCoin Union: dogecoin smart investment

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Major financial blockchain technology vendors include: AWS (USA), IBM (US), Microsoft (US), Ripple (US), Chain (US), Earthport (UK), Bitfury (US), BTL Group (Canada), Oracle USA), Digital Asset Holdings (US), Circle (Ireland), Factom (US), Alpha Point (USA), Coinbase (USA), Abra (USA), Auxesis Group (India), BitPay (USA), BlockCypher (USA), RecordKeeper (Spain), Symbiont (USA), Guardtime (Estonia), Cambridge Blockchain (USA), Tradle (United States) and Blockchain Consulting Mauritius Foundation (Mauritius)

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Today, the dog coin opened at a positive price of $0.00192, but remained weak. Similarly, the correction pressure was followed by a rise in the price of Dogecoin to $0.00191. The MACD indicator reflects bearish signals. And on current trends, it may be revised downwards, but if the currency reflects recovery, it may test the next resistance level, about $0.0020.