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Bytepool and 1THash, both of the top 10 pools with their own mines, transfer existing dedicated capacity to shanzhai coins and redirect mines connected to the pools to other pools.

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Due to the wild spread of a Dogecoin challenge video on the short video platform TikTok, the price of Dogecoin increased by 50% within 24 hours. As of press time, its price is $0.042, since October 2018 The highest price. In this regard, Dogecoin Twitter warned traders not to engage in speculative activities. Dogecoin said, "Please make the right choice and don't be influenced or manipulated by others' FOMO. Be safe. Be smart."

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Analyst: What happened to crude oil is similar to what happened to Mr. Tsung-chung and sold some of his cryptocurrencies, tweeted Alex Kr?ger, a cryptocurrencies analyst, that what happened to crude oil was similar to what happened to Mr. Iomoto and sold some of his cryptocurrencies, with the difference that Saudi Arabia and Russia could use oil to drive down all financial markets.

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However, it can also be argued that any monetary inflation is necessary. Without inflation, Dogecoin holders will be encouraged to hoard their currency. This goes against the nature of Dogecoin.

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ACCORDING to OKEx's official announcement, OKEx launched DOGEcoin (DOGE) on July 17, Hong Kong time, and opened DOGE recharge at 17:00 on the same day. In addition, the platform will be launched on July 18 at 17:00 DOGE/USDK, DOGE/USDT trading pairs.

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Therefore, there is also a -I option that does a confirmation prompt when you want to delete three or more files or recursively delete them. This makes the -i option less annoying and prevents most errors. Therefore, you can use the -I option with the alias above and avoid the -f option.