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Over the past two days, hackers have hacked Elon Musk's Twitter feed and posted scams involving Bitcoin. The account is now back to normal, and when a Twitter fan asked him "Where's my bitcoin," Elon Musk quipped, "Excuse me, I only sell Dogecoin." Minutes after his comments, he posted a picture on Twitter showing a "Dogecoin Standard" sandstorm sweeping through a city labeled the "global financial system." (NewsBTC)

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The first feature is to send an ID to the Internet, not controlled by which country, can indeed issue a wallet, wallet is a kind of ID, because the wallet is used for payment, certainly the only identification of a subject. So we do not tangle the blockchain in the end can reach what state or efficiency how, we put the blockchain mature characteristics to use on the Internet, such as the Internet can have ID, at least is a safe start.

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Cold wallet, also known as hardware wallet, is presented as a small USB device, all private keys are stored offline. When a user trades, it is sufficient to plug hardware storage into an Internet-connected device and obtain authorization, which in some way greatly reduces the likelihood of being hacked. So far, no cases of cold wallet theft have been heard. As a result, Cold Wallet is considered by most investors to be the most secure and reliable encrypted wallet at the time. However, cold wallet is not perfect, many users have expressed dissatisfaction with its high price, and compared to other online wallets, cold wallet is also a bit of a hassle to use.

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In this role, Wedlake will be responsible for recovering about $136 million in cryptocurrencies from Quadriga, which are said to be stored in a cold wallet.