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gpus that are profitable dogecoin?

In terms of GPUs, they have 60% computational power, but consume only half the power, so they dig at 30% efficiency, and digging a piece takes about 3.3 times as long, and there will be more uncle blocks. The difficulty algorithm will take longer to adjust. But at this point, mining won't be profitable at all, and some GPUs may even give up.

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As you can see from the previous analysis, CPU processing is not a short board. But I've seen a number of scenarios in real life that emphasize that smart contracts are complex, not only are GPUs inadequate, but they even require GPUs and even clusters to compute.

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Competing Faucet: The official new and improved Faucet helps node participants store their storage smoothly on the network while avoiding pointless spam. Officials hope to simulate real-world dynamics around efficient gas and cost prices with fairly limited use of test network FIL without causing too much trouble for large node participants.