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The public key can be thought of as your Bitcoin account. The private key is multiplied by an elliptic curve, and the public key can be obtained. However, it is not possible to reverse the push of the private key from the public key. The public key is used to generate a Bitcoin address and also to verify the signature. The public and private keys appear in pairs, and the public key can generate a unique address that confirms whether the sent transaction uses the corresponding private key.

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WikiLeaks' official online store has now accepted payments from Bitcoin Lightning. It is reported that the store sells WikiLeaks T-shirts and other items, all proceeds will be used to fund the operation of WikiLeaks. The store currently accepts payments for Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. (CoinDesk)

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According to the Tokenview Dogecoin Rich List on August 17, 2018, TOP1-10 accounted for 28.04 percent, TOP11-50 accounted for 22.63 percent, TOP51-200 accounted for 15.59 percent, and the top 200 address billionaires accounted for 66.26 percent, an increase of 0.04 percent compared to the previous day.

electroneum vs dogecoin, Dogecoin versus Electroneum (DOGE vs ETN)

Electroneum in the Google Play Store has more than 1 million downloads, and the app allows users to mine Electroneum (ETN) from their mobile devices. Currently, 25,271 of the 3.8 million apps in the Google Play Store have more than 1 million installed. (The Fintech Times)

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Litecoin is a point-to-point-based online currency inspired by Bitcoin and technically implemented in the same way. What makes it different from Bitcoin is that consumer-grade hardware can also efficiently "mine" to provide faster transaction confirmation (an average of 2.5 minutes). Dogecoin, also known as Dog Coin/Dog Coin, was born on December 8, 2013, based on the Scrypt algorithm. Dogecoin is the second largest virtual currency in the world after Bitcoin.