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Few influencers have shown interest and support for this view. While many did not directly suggest that Dogecoin was a huge investment, they expressed support for the young people who launched the challenge.

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How do I select a block producer and ensure fairness and unforcedness? How do I reach a consensus on a new block? How do I avoid forks? How can I improve security? How do I scale to a larger user?

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If the user is using a full node to make the wallet, Bitcoin is protected in the wallet.dat file. When split, the user simply downloads the full node wallet of the split coin and imports the wallet.dat file in to complete the pick-up of the split coin.

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Online wallet: the simplest and easiest to use. But it's dangerous for your private key to be in the hands of a third party. Most trusted online wallets: Coinbase, My Wallet, Strongcoin.