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The German, head of the official development team for dog coins, is responsible for the development and maintenance of Dogecoin Core, MultiDoge and Dogecoin Android Wallet.

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Dogecoin, which was born on December 12, 2013, uses the same Scrypt algorithm as Litecoin. In 2014, dog coins suddenly hit the market, and due to the same mining algorithm, Litecoin and Dog Coins created mining competition. Later, the dog coin through a hard fork and the use of Litecoin-compatible joint mining, that is to say, to dig Litecoin at the same time can also obtain dog coins, the battle of power is over.

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I met Jackson Palmer at the Coin Summit conference. Very cool guy. After we exchanged a few emails, I suggested to him whether the mine could be combined because I thought it was the perfect solution to the potential problem that Dogecoin (and Litecoin) would soon face.

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Recently, Intezer's cybersecurity researchers discovered a new type of malware that relies on the Dogecoin blockchain network to attack cloud servers. The malware, called Doki, is deployed through a botnet called Ngrok, allowing an attacker to take control of a specific user's Dogecoin wallet.

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Let's take today's (2019.9.23) network-wide calculation difficulty as an example, BTC's preset difficulty is 11890594958795BTC, using BTC's mini mining calculator to get 24h expected to dig out 0.00112082BTC.

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According to the official announcement of MXC Matcha, MXC Matcha now supports the DOGE mining pool. Locking DOGE in the POS mining pool can enjoy basic income. The starting limit for a single user is 100 DOGE, the minimum lock-up period is 15 days, and the proceeds will be released 3 days after unlocking. For details, please click the official announcement

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On the other hand, the POW consensus algorithm brings a lot of waste of hardware equipment. As the value of Bitcoin has grown, the Bitcoin computing power race has gone from CPU to GPU to ASIC-specific chips. Powerful ASIC chip miners hardware mining algorithms, and ASIC chip miners after the phase-out, no other use, resulting in a large amount of hardware waste.

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Litecoin's proposal was put forward by its founder, Charlie Lee, and includes a voluntary 1 per cent mining incentive. After halving last year, Litecoin's mining incentive is 12.5 LTC, so a 1% donation would equal 0.125 LTC. As Lee announced, miners will also be able to donate mining incentives to Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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