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Recently, there have been various anomalies in the BCH chain, a large number of unknown power emerged, a single address an hour dug up to 21 blocks, more serious is that the address has dug out six blocks in a row, Jiang Zhuor explained that is the result of the coin printing machine gun pool, some people say is to find the loopholes in the difficulty retarget bar, mining pool basically belongs to the state of anyone to cut. The specific situation, Quigo is not known, but BCH has a phenomenon, once the short happens, will always pull up the price for the end, man-made manipulation is more serious, and reflects the lack of self-confidence.

Dogecoin is fully integrated and available on BitPanda. to trade.

Get the block node at the previous retarget targetTimespan days

OKEx CEO says DogeCoin is not 'joking' despite Meme cryptocurrencies

Recently, when news of Dogecoin began about a week ago, some young Tiktok users embarked on a lifelong challenge to raise the Dogecoin to $1.

Dogecoin Economy

Dogecoin Economy

Dogecoin (DOGE) will be launched on the OceanEX exchange on July 26.

Peercoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Auroracoin, and count the other cottage coins.

Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer commented on Twitter.

The D'CENT biometric wallet now fully supports cryptocurrencies tokens for the Tron and Dogecoin ecosystems. In August, D'CENT announced that it had added support for TRC and Dogecoin tokens in its biometric wallet. The latest firmware version of the D'CENT biometric wallet has updated support.

Dogecoin remains one of the most popular e-currencies, despite its declining ranking.

is not at adity retarget interval.

Dogecoin features price charts, via TradeView.

dogecoin difficulty retarget

dogecoin difficulty retarget

In this way, the internet legend shifted from Doge to Dogecoin. On December 6th, on BitcoinTalk, a well-known Bitcoin forum, a new member named Dogecoin posted a message about a competitive coin named Dogecoin, which Chinese translates as a dog coin, cute and memorable. The title of the post is Dogecoin - very currency - many coin - wow - v1.1 Released, and the style of the teaser is in line with Doge's.

Due to the wild spread of a Dogecoin challenge video on the short video platform TikTok, the price of Dogecoin increased by 50% within 24 hours. As of press time, its price is $0.042, since October 2018 The highest price. In this regard, Dogecoin Twitter warned traders not to engage in speculative activities. Dogecoin said, "Please make the right choice and don't be influenced or manipulated by others' FOMO. Be safe. Be smart."

Abstract: 1, Elon Musk owns only 0.25 bitcoins, even though he loves Dogecoin