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In the face of the coming era of digital currency taxation, do you know which tokens you hold should be taxed and which can be exempted? Where should I pay my taxes and how much should I pay?

An account in TikTok called James Galente shared the video five days ago. In the video, Galante suggests that everyone invest in Dogecoin. In the video, Galante claims that everyone should invest $25 in Dogecoin and then wait until the price is $1, claiming that "everyone gets rich"

A more free electronic cash. You may not need the permission of a third party, as long as you wish, you want to transfer the money in your wallet to anyone can, no one can limit you, you have all the freedom to transfer money. 2, a more stable currency. Unlimited inflation is the root cause of all the French currency, but also all ordinary people can not resist the problem, wealth is diluted, you should act. 3, a more privacy-protected asset. Whether you hold coins, how many coins you hold, where the coins come from, who you give them to, and so on, no one knows, no one has the right to know, this is your privacy.

Moderator: I heard you first bought Bitcoin on Taobao and Mt.gox. Who was your first guide in the bitcoin world? How much Bitcoin do you currently hold? A lot of people are very concerned about the Bitcoin market, how long will this bear market last?

"If you were only allowed to hold three cryptocurrencies for a long time from tomorrow and your position would remain fixed, how would your position be distributed without considering the cost of conversion?"

Long-term investors know to choose and hold long-term investment targets that are in line with future trends, and how can you expect them to be value investors by constantly examining the feasibility of long-term investment value for self-investing targets in case they are able to hold on to it, and some people who haven't even seen the Bitcoin white paper?

Especially in the current bear market, if you have confidence in Bitcoin while understanding its underlying principles and future impact, as well as the valuable freedom and control that Bitcoin brings, then you should hold it for a long time.

"The advent of cryptocurrencies is inevitable, and it's possible for everyone to have crypto-assets," said Ryan Sean Adams of Cryptoaset Investments, who added that if you agree, you should hold virtual currencies for a long time.

How long do you usually hold your own fund when you buy it?

How long do you usually hold your own fund when you buy it?

Once you've come a long way in your quest for truth, and you can see more clearly and understand the differences between real and partial truth, you should think about the risks and what you want to promote and attract attention to, and how you make money yourself. Like, are you ready for a professional image? FAQ119? Have you calculated the input-output ratio carefully? Are you prepared to go in and out at high or low prices, or are you profitable from a long-term hold? But in any case, you should be aware of various risks, such as the 97 risks we mentioned, so as not to mistake people and themselves.

Coin Sea Blue Sky: 8.5 Bitcoin and Ethereum market shock online teach you how to hold the long-short profit double profit.

Coin Jiaying: Bitcoin and Ethereum market shock online teach you how to hold long-short profit double profit.

If you haven't earned any money, how long can your savings hold you?

If you haven't earned any money, how long can your savings hold you?

If you hold cryptocurrencies ready to hold cryptocurrencies - you should seek advice from information security professionals on the best way to protect your assets;

Commander re-order summary reminds yourself: encounter their favorite currency of value, long-term holding it, there is a contradiction is where you hold it. And now I'm training myself on how to hold it at the right time, point, position, today, or in the future.

Don't say what you've stolen, just say you're the main online line, how long it's been, you can't get on, it's said that recently voted, is about to catch up with the U.S. presidential election. You can understand how hard it is to hold a small partner with EOS.

In this case you can calculate the bill, you buy a house you need to hold for at least how long, you put this house back on sale you will break even, that is, your income expenditure is flat, not to lose money.